Event Location 2020 Fair Cancelled

2020 Southland Science Fair Cancelled Due To Impact of Covid-19

Due to the current Covid19 situation, the Southland Science Fair committee have decided to cancel the 2020 Southland Science Fair that was due to be held in September this year.

Social distancing is one of our main ways of battling this virus and the large crowds involved in the fair and the nature of the fair itself means this event could be a source of transfer. This was a serious concern for the committee and so decided the most prudent approach was to cancel the fair in 2020. As students have been in lockdown for an extended period, we also do not think it would be fair on them have the added burden of completing a project on their return to school.

We hope that the 2021 Fair can go ahead if New Zealand has completely controlled this virus. As you can imagine, we are deeply saddened by this decision. We are very aware of all the hard work the students, teachers (and whanau) put into projects. Any projects already prepared for the fair this year will be eligible for the 2021 Southland Science fair so hold onto those ideas and resources.

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